Are you so ready to kick some bad habits to the curb? Let's do this thing!

In 2008, I discovered this thing called meditation. After 22 years of living with depression, I used insight practices to bootstrap my way out of the abyss and align with joy. During this process, which was simultaneously excruciating and fascinating, I learned that if I could unstick myself from the gnarly grips of depression, I could probably unstick myself from anything.

So I did.

With the help of books like A Course in Miracles and The Four Agreements, and gurus like Osho and Jon Kabat-Zinn, I examined every relationship, every bad habit, every material possession, every misguided belief, and every thought pattern that kept me stuck and small. One by one, over many years, I loosened my grip on them. I found enough space in my mind for forgiveness and my world began to ooze with joy. Like, ridiculous joy. Like, the kind of joy that makes people love you or feel grossed out by you.

Being in alignment doesn't mean shitty things don't happen anymore. My husband and I separated a couple years ago and suddenly I needed to become a financial provider. I'd been a full-time mom and part-time serial entrepreneur for 16 years. Neither experience generated income. I panicked. I was stuck. I was like, Uh-oh. This is a big one. This is major self-worth stuff. How the hell do I unstick from this???

Thankfully, over the last decade I'd journaled until my hands cramped, recording every kernel of insight I could eke out of my sticky experiences. The result of the writing was one book, two blogs, hundreds of expository Facebook posts, thousands of pages of uncategorized Google docs, and one gazillion texts to patient, loving friends. I pored over my old words and deconstructed the process I went through each time I unstuck myself. Then I tied the process into the eight moon phases that provide specific, supportive energy, creating a clear set of guidelines wrapped up in a manageable 28-day time frame. (To hear the entire moon story, you need to come to one of my talks!)

So here's how we do this. Pick something you need to unstick from. You and I work together on this sticky situation for one moon cycle, during which time we have 8 phone calls/meetings plus a shitload of texting. While there is a general format to the process, every person is different, so we will play with the template I've created to make it just right for you. We will have fun. We will laugh in the face of crappiness. We will follow up after the cycle ends and you will tell me what's going on because I will be on pins and needles waiting to find out if UNSTUCK stuck!

I work with only 8 peeps per cycle and charge $888 for the whole shebang. All of your coaching sessions are one-on-one. If you've been to one of my talks and can tell me the name of the goat, you get a discount. Email me to get in for the next new moon cycle I have a few spots open!

Hard to believe UNSTUCK was born from a chaotic, cathartic mess and it turned out kind of badass. Okay, okay, it's totally badass. Check out the super humbling things some vibey peeps had to say about working/sitting with me. (Toot! Toot!)

My favorite comment comes from a woman I coached through a moon cycle this spring. "Vanessa, you make the shitty so fun!" I'm crying typing it out. Out of gratitude or humor, I'm not sure.

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"I tied the process into the eight moon phases that provide specific, supportive energy, creating a clear set of guidelines wrapped up in a manageable 28-day time frame... It's totally badass."

"Amazing lecture!" Lisa L.

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Let's do it!

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