Last year, Chrysalis introduced a new kind of women’s business conference. “Soulo” was our response to the countless overpopulated business conferences we’d attended, getting talked at by a panel of white guys, feeling swallowed up by a jam-packed ballroom of women, or sitting down for so long our rear ends went numb.

Soulopreneur is an intimate annual event where women work together to nurture professional passion through movement, music, and meditation, building empowering business skills and practicing compassionate self care. By the end of the day, there isn’t a dry eye or a sore tush in the house… always a sign of a transformational event!

This year at Soulopreneur: Stacked, we create intentional, meaningful impact by stacking a program that flows from the bottom up, pairing spiritually-based mental health practices and badass business directives that align with each of the seven main chakras. This is a powerful and natural progression of incubating awareness and insight.

Forget everything you thought you knew about attending a business conference. Move, connect, share, and love your way through this crazy cool day retreat in Boston Fall 2018.

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Chrysalis-produced weekend retreats and spiritual medium galleries are awesome. It's that simple. These wholesome events serve students as opportunities to experience themselves at the edge of their comfort zone. After all, it's there at the edge where all of the interesting things happen!

We mix crystal bowl sound healing with yoga, chanting with meditation, departed loved ones with dinner, silence with friendship, drumming with nature, food with family, healing with laughter, fear with faith... and somehow it all works out in magical ways.

Curious? You should be. It's fun. A parent-child adventure trip to Peru is being rescheduled this very minute. It's a life-changing trip for all ages. We'll let you know details ASAP. Learn about future retreats and events by following us on Facebook.

FIT FOODIE DENISE COSTELLO ON: NUTRITION, healing, parenting, JOURNEY DANCE, living in the christ light


LIGHTWORKERS - healers - teachers

Nurse, Air Force Veteran, entrepreneur, food blogger, yogi, and dedicated mom Denise Costello co-founded Chrysalis Meditation Center in response to the ever-intensifying mental health needs of 21st century families.

Her whole-being approach to wellness and healing through nutritious food and wholesome lifestyle was an integral part of her tremendous success in opening Winchester Hospital’s Breast Care Center in 2001, which is now serving 11,000 women annually.Opening her business The Energized Body in 2009, Denise taught busy people how to stay healthy in sustainable, simple ways .

Denise holds a Masters in Corporate Wellness and delivers passionate, inspired wisdom to companies large and small, showing employees how good food and a great attitude can cultivate optimal physical and mental health.

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METTA MOM VANESSA GOBES ON: THE MOON, MEDITATION, parenthood, communication, kicking depression to the curb

Mindfulness has a new voice. Vanessa Linsey Gobes coaches women and men through the darkest parts of life with humor and humility, demonstrating that even the worst challenges can be viable paths to healing, insight and joy when approached with curiosity and forgiveness.

As an educational consultant for North Shore public schools and peace educator (2010-2016), she introduced thousands of children and adults to secular meditation. Since co-founding Chrysalis in 2015, her teachings have stretched beyond mindfulness, exploring how spirit can be more readily accessed through insight practices and cosmic energy.

Her latest talk "UNSTUCK," an 8-phase how-to on shaking off bad habits, people, and patterns by working with moon cycles, has been received with overwhelmingly positive response. Check out what people have to say:

"Mindblowing...outstanding lecture." Sarita S.

"You were amazing! So great to discover you, and I've just booked my tickets for [Soulopreneur] in May!" Jennifer H.

"So awesome... Best session of the day award right here!!" Oraganic Girl

"My favorite session of the day. So authentic, candid, informative."  Ashton T.

"I come to conferences like this all the time. There's always one person who catches me off guard or steals the show. You were both today."

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Vanessa is a mother of several and author of the upcoming perscriptive memoir “Metta Mom: A Mindful Guide to Managing Your Mood & Your Brood,” represented by Corvisiero Agency NYC.

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